Shopping Centre In Ajman Fined And Shut Down After Drawing Huge Crowds Amidst Flash Sale

Dozens of shoppers descended upon a department centre after announcing a flash sale until Ajman Police found them in violation of Covid-19 protocols and ordered the store to shut down.

Very little is known about the store’s name and its whereabouts, but one can only imagine their sale promotions were so heavily discounted to the extent that people lined in large cues waiting to make a purchase.

It wasn’t until Ajman Police came to know about it and shared a video of the store with scores of shoppers neglecting social distancing and waiting in lines ahead of the counter. It’s worth mentioning all the people in the video were equipped with a face mask.

Following the shopping promotion, the store has been ordered to shut down, in addition to an AED 5,000 fine for crowdedness.

“The Emergency Crisis, Disasters and Disasters team calls on the owners of shops in the Emirate to comply with all preventive measures, adhere to resolutions issued to combat the pandemic, reduce the spread of the epidemic and reduce the cases of infections, affirming the lack of tolerance in taking firm and strict actions on For the safety of community members, all the facilities that violate this matter.”

Ajman Police

Police in the UAE have to gone to great extents to warn the public not to go against social distancing rules and adhere to Covid-19 protocols. Last month saw Dubai Police bust yacht and desert parties after finding hundreds of residents flouting Covid-19 rules. Fines vary from AED 5,000-50,000 for partygoers and organizers.

(Featured photograph credit: PxHere)

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