Yacht Party Organizer In Dubai Faces AED 50,000 Fine After Crowds Violate Covid-19 Protocols

Dubai Police busted a yacht party with crowds not adhering to social distancing guidelines and have issued a number of fines to the organizer, attendees and the yacht owner.

Last month saw Dubai authorities lay out a line-up of rules and restrictions on social gatherings in a bid to combat the Coronavirus outbreak, implementing a ban on boat and hotel parties, limiting private parties to only ten guests and for a maximum of first-degree relatives. Despite the order, a yacht owner and a party organizer went on to host a party featuring guests hanging out and dancing neglecting the seriousness of the social distancing guidelines.

Dubai Police took to Twitter sharing brief footage of what went on at the party, announcing an AED 50,000 fine for the party organizer, a one-month suspension on the yacht operator’s licence and every attendee is subject to an AED 15,000 penalty.

Unless you’re in the know, Dubai authorities have been implementing hefty fines and strict regulations in response to rising Coronavirus cases, and this yacht party fiasco comes hot on the heels off a house party and a desert party with guests and organizers facing staggering fines.


(Featured photograph credit: Pixabay)

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