Four Arabs Charged With Imprisonment After Bullying South Asian Worker In The UAE

A slew of videos showing four Arabs harassing a South Asian in the UAE recently surfaced the internet and the UAE Public Prosecution ordered the group to be jailed for their behaviours.

Bullying is no joke, no matter of its kind, and it doesn’t always end with high school. The group of Arabs were seen a South Asian male on the head, throwing shoes at him and kicking him while he roamed around a street as the rest of the group laughed at him. The South Asian responded with shock and still remained quite.

It wasn’t until the Asian posted footage of the abuse on social media, and the Public Prosecution’s Federal Investigation Office ordered an imprisonment sentence for the Arab group.

As of now, the group has been charged with a line-up of violations: physical abuse, violation of privacy using social media platforms and immoral conduct.

More details await on this case.

There’s zero tolerance for bullying and discrimination in the UAE. Anyone caught in the act is subject to hefty fine varying from AED 50,000 to a whopping AED 2 million, in addition to a jail term of up to ten years.


(Featured photograph credit: Viraj Asher/Desi Scene Dubai)

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