Dubai Number Plate ‘R 13’ Fetches AED 3.8 Million Bid At RTA Auction

It’s raining money at the recent Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) Dubai’s number plates auction, selling 90 number plates worth a whopping AED31.5 million.

It goes without saying that number plates are a big deal in the UAE, with millions spent to boast them on flashy vehicles and automobiles. A line-up of fancy number plates were up for grabs at the last auction, playing host to a plethora of high-rollers and big-spenders.

From the 90 number plates, plate ‘R 13’ made headlines after selling for AED 3.8 million, followed by ‘W 69’ purchased for AED 2.42 million, ‘AA 18’ sold for AED 1.9 million and ‘O 55555’ fetching AED 1.85 million.

It’s worth mentioning the RTA’s most expensive number plate, ‘D 5’ sold for a staggering AED 33 million in 2016. Balwinder Sahni, a property developer, made the final bid for the single-digit plate, installing it on his pearl white Rolls-Royce Phantom.

RTA’s last number plate auction, held in August this year, raised AED 15.3 million, with ‘V 12’ selling for AED 7 million, alongside ‘I 334’ sold for AED 266,000, ‘X 505’ sold for AED 570,000, ‘S 20’ fetching AED 4 million, ‘R 506’ for AED 222,000 and ‘Y 66’ bought for AED 3.2 million.

(Featured photograph credit: RTA Dubai)

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