Generous Emirati Rescues Israeli Tourist Stranded In A Sharjah Desert

An Israeli tourist lost his way in the middle of Sharjah’s Al Madam desert until an Emirati motorist caught sight of him stranded with his hatchback, and helped tow him out.

It’s only been months since the UAE and Israel agreed to normalize relations and we’re already seeing high-profile summits and state visits held to boost ties between the two countries, as well as some heartwarming stories between its people.

UAE israel USA Abraham accord sign White House donald trump benjamin netanyahu sheikh abdullah bin zayed al nahyan

Photograph credit: The White House

Shloime Zionce, a Jewish filmmaker who’s on a vacation in the UAE, headed for the infamous abandoned village in Sharjah’s Al Madam desert to record a vlog for his YouTube channel, but found himself in the middle of nowhere with no roads, people, or network connectivity enough to access Google Maps.

You could probably visualize Shloime’s situation reminiscent of Star Wars’ beloved C3PO and R2D2 stranded in the planet of Tatooine.

Dubai israeli Emirati sharjah motorist rescues tourist jewish stranded in desert ghost town al madam desert abraham accord

Via Amino Apps

It wasn’t until Ali Al Kutbi, an Emirati who was cruising around the desert spotted him and helped get him out of the desert. What’s more, Kutbi welcomed Shloime to his house too, joined with a few of his Emirati friends in happy faces.

Check out the vlog:

Three days since its release, the vlog amassed thousands of views on YouTube and earned praise by UAE Deputy Prime Minister His Highness Sheikh Saif bin Zayed Al Nahyan too.

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