Sheikh Mohammed Urges People To Share Ideas For The UAE’s Future

In line with the UAE Centennial Plan 2071, Sheik Mohammed is inviting the public to share their ideas and thoughts for the nation’s vision in the next 50 years.

UAE turns 50 in 2021

Next December will mark the 50th National Day for the UAE, celebrating 50 years since the country’s independence. There’s no denying the nation grew into one of the foremost countries in the region and in the world, and the UAE Cabinet is setting the roadmap for its future starting now, by inviting citizens and residents to contribute to the country’s vision.

Pakistan Lahore is getting a new Dubai inspired city “River Ravi Front Authority Punjab province

Photograph credit: Dubai Media Office

Sheikh Mohammed invites the public to share ideas for the UAE’s next 50 years

If you were born and raised in the UAE, or if you’ve lived here long enough to call yourself an old-timer, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Ruler of Dubai, Prime Minister and Vice President of the UAE is giving the chance to citizens and residents, to share their inputs for the UAE’s future through the ‘Designing the Next 50’ initiative. The committee will be open to ideas across various sectors like health, education, social development, economy, environment, housing, tourism, entrepreneurship, investment, skill development, societal values, culture, family relations, sports, youth, food security, science and advanced technologies.

“50 years ago, the UAE’s founders started a mission to involve people in shaping the country’s future that we see today. They started from the desert with ambitions that reached outer space. They gathered and discussed people’s ideas while living in different circumstances with fewer resources, but they were united by the same spirit and extensive efforts that aimed for the summit. Their mission made history and redefined the concept of modern societies.”

HH Sheikh Mohammed, Emir of Dubai, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE

Deputy Prime Minister His Highness Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan is serving as chair of the ‘Designing the Next 50’ committee, overseeing its developments and projects. The coming weeks will see the launch of a website serving as a digital platform for people to share their ideas. Once approved, the ideas will follow with panel discussions and brainstorming sessions among ministers and the public.

Next phase for the UAE

‘Designing the Next 50’ hopes to seek recommendations that can help the UAE diverse into multiple sectors and reduce its dependence on oil By 2071, the UAE plans to build a knowledge-based economy, invest in human capabilities, strengthen the country’s value system based on tolerance, openness and coexistence, enhancing global competitiveness and driving sustainable development for future generations.

UAE Coronavirus covid-19 zero deaths for the first time ministry of health and prevention mohamed bin zayed doctors frontliners

Photograph credit: Dubai Media Office



(Featured photograph credit: Dubai Media Office)

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