Dubai Classic Vehicle Number Plates Get A New Design

Taking inspiration from the ‘80s era, Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) rolled out an all-new number plate for classic vehicles aged 30 and above.

New classic number plates

RTA’s brown number plates with white typography have been around for quite a while until now, with new yellow-and-white number plates for vintage vehicles featuring ‘Dubai’ written in both English and Arabic with a layout similar to standard plates.

“With the new design, the plates can be clearly and easily read from a distance. The design has two distinct elements – the words Dubai and Classic are written in both Arabic and English on a yellow background, while the number is written on a white background. RTA will start issuing the new plates for classic vehicles to interested owners from November 2020. Requests can be placed either through RTA’s website or the customer happiness centre in Deira,”

His Excellency Mattar Mohammed Al Tayer, Director General and Chairman of the Board of Executive Directors of RTA. 

Your best shot at spotting classic cars in Dubai would be at car meets, automotive events or at high-end localities dominated by high rollers. Not to mention places like Jumeirah Beach Road and JBR, there’s a host of wow-worthy and never-seen-before vehicles!

Dubai number plate classic new design

Via Gifer

Number plates a pricely possession in Dubai

Custom-number plates are quite a big deal, with Dubai’s most expensive number plate sold for a whopping AED 33 million in 2016. With that amount, you could buy yourself a multi-family property in Dubai inclusive of a swimming pool, a top-of-the-range Lamborghini Aventador, a month-long stay at the Burj Al Arab and still save millions!

Last month saw Dubai’s RTA sell a number plate, ‘V 12’ for a staggering AED 7 million at an auction.

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. بلغت حصيلة إيرادات المزاد العلني (104) للأرقام المميزة للوحات المركبات، الذي نظمته الهيئة السبت 22 أغسطس، 36 مليون و224 ألف درهم، مقارنة بـ 19 مليون درهم حصيلة آخر مزاد علني في ديسمبر عام 2019 أي بزيادة بلغت (83%). وقد جرى المزاد في فندق انتركونتننتال فيستفال سيتي. ويُعتَبرُ هذا المزاد أول مزاد علني نظمته الهيئة في عام 2020. وحقق الرقم (V12) القيمة السعرية الأعلى، إذ بِيعَ هذا الرقم 7 ملايين درهم، تلاه الرقم (S20) بـ 4 ملايين و60 ألف درهم، ثم الرقم (Y66)، الذي حقق 3 ملايين و200 ألف درهم. لقراءة الخبر كاملاً، يرجى زيارة قائمة "آخر الأخبار" المشار إليها في خانة المعلومات لحسابنا. ‏The 104th Open Auction for Distinctive Number Plates organised by RTA on 22 August generated AED36.224 millions. This amount compares favourably with the proceeds of the last open plates auction RTA had taken place in December 2019, which amounted to AED19 millions i.e. an increase of 83%. This auction that was held at the InterContinental Dubai Festival City Hotel, is the first open plates auction RTA organized in 2020. The plate (V12) was the sale topper fetching AED7millions, followed by (S20), which was sold for AED4.06 millions, and (Y66) that was exchanged for AED3.2 millions. To read the full news, visit the “Latest News” Tab in our biography. #RTANews

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(Featured photograph credit: RTA Dubai)

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