Dubai Vehicle Number Plate ‘V 12’ Sells For A Whopping AED 7 Million

A custom vehicle number plates auction by Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) raised a staggering AED 15.3 million, with a number plate ‘V 12’ fetching AED 7 million.

AED 7 million for a Dubai number plate

Picture this: you’re rolling in a convertible Rolls Royce Phantom worth AED 1.5 million to your villa in Jumeriah Islands worth AED 5 million, leading a lavish lifestyle and still saving hundreds of thousand dirhams. Would you give it up for a unique motor number plate? Chances are you would deny the offer unless you’re a high roller at RTA Dubai’s recent auction, which sold a double-digit ‘V 12’ number plate for AED 7 million!

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. بلغت حصيلة إيرادات المزاد العلني (104) للأرقام المميزة للوحات المركبات، الذي نظمته الهيئة السبت 22 أغسطس، 36 مليون و224 ألف درهم، مقارنة بـ 19 مليون درهم حصيلة آخر مزاد علني في ديسمبر عام 2019 أي بزيادة بلغت (83%). وقد جرى المزاد في فندق انتركونتننتال فيستفال سيتي. ويُعتَبرُ هذا المزاد أول مزاد علني نظمته الهيئة في عام 2020. وحقق الرقم (V12) القيمة السعرية الأعلى، إذ بِيعَ هذا الرقم 7 ملايين درهم، تلاه الرقم (S20) بـ 4 ملايين و60 ألف درهم، ثم الرقم (Y66)، الذي حقق 3 ملايين و200 ألف درهم. لقراءة الخبر كاملاً، يرجى زيارة قائمة "آخر الأخبار" المشار إليها في خانة المعلومات لحسابنا. ‏The 104th Open Auction for Distinctive Number Plates organised by RTA on 22 August generated AED36.224 millions. This amount compares favourably with the proceeds of the last open plates auction RTA had taken place in December 2019, which amounted to AED19 millions i.e. an increase of 83%. This auction that was held at the InterContinental Dubai Festival City Hotel, is the first open plates auction RTA organized in 2020. The plate (V12) was the sale topper fetching AED7millions, followed by (S20), which was sold for AED4.06 millions, and (Y66) that was exchanged for AED3.2 millions. To read the full news, visit the “Latest News” Tab in our biography. #RTANews

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Most expensive Dubai number plate sold for AED 33 million

If the AED 7 million price tag comes as a shocker, you’d be surprised to know a Dubai-based businessman purchased a number plate ‘D 5’ for a record-smashing AED 33 million!

Property developer Balwinder Sahni made the final bid for the single-digit number plate, installing it on his pearl white Rolls-Royce Phantom.

As if AED 33 million isn’t enough for one number plate, Sahni purchased another number plate, ‘O-9’ for AED 25 million.

AED 8.3 million-worth number plates sold at RTA auction

Apart from the ‘V 12’ bid, RTA’s auction raised an additional AED 8.3 million, selling custom number plates like ‘I 334, ‘X 505’, ‘S 20’, ‘R 506’ and ‘Y 66.’ Here’s the breakdown of each and every sale:

I 334- AED 266,000

X 505- AED 570,000

V 12- AED 7,000,000

S 20- AED 4,060,000

R 506- AED 222,200

Y 66- AED 3,200,000

Total: 15.3 million

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(Featured photograph credit: RTA Dubai)

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