3D Artists Transforming City Walk Dubai Into An Open Air Canvas This Month

Dubai’s homegrown 3D art festival Dubai Canvas makes a return for a new edition featuring works by both up-and-coming and established artists at the City Walk district this month.

Dubai Canvas 3D art festival at City Walk

Every year, Dubai brings artists who hail from the region (and around the world) to foster a Dubai-centric energy featuring murals, sketches and three-dimensional artworks taking inspiration from the emirate. Previous editions saw artists spend days and weeks on their hands and knees sketching Dubai’s dynamic skyline, expansive deserts, towers and iconic tourist attractions, worthy of a ‘Gram.

Dubai Canvas 3D street art murals city walk august 2020

Photograph credit: Dubai Media Office

This edition’s line-up features Spanish 3D artist Juandrés Vera, who’s garnered a reputation for blending immersive aesthetics and realism in his artworks, and boasts a Guinness World Record for the world’s longest anamorphic pavement art.

Serbian artist Milan Katanic is set to bring live pendulum painting performances combining themes like science and art to offer a kinetic art experience for visitors.

If it weren’t for international talent, show support for homegrown artists like Mahra Al Falahi and Saggaf Al Hashemi with their enchanting artworks at Dubai Canvas. Al Falahi has been a driving force in the UAE’s arts scene with works featured in the 2018 edition at La Mer, and is known for her “inspirational utopian perspectives on the world,” while Al Hashemi was involved in the Dubai Street Museum project, ready to bring his “artistic vision to spread peace, beauty, and love through his work.”

What’s more, one of the UAE’s celebrated calligraphic artists, Ahmed Al Mahri will be creating murals and hosting an interactive calligraphy show, one to watch out for aspiring artists.

For more information and updates, follow City Walk Dubai on Twitter.



(Featured photograph credit: Dubai Media Office)

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