Drug Trafficker Busted By Dubai Police Sentenced to Imprisonment For Life

Craig Martin, a British drug trafficking boss on the run since the age of 16 has been arrested by Dubai Police after catching him outside his residence in the emirate.

Criminal records on Craig Martin since the age of 16

A part of the scandalous Colin Gunn network, Craig Martin led the drug-trafficking gang with records indicating he has numerous crimes linked to his name since the age of 16. He was also sentenced to imprisonment in his home country after robbing a jewellery store that claimed the owner’s life.

“He went to jail many times in the past. He spent 13 years in jail in connection with an armed robbery at a jewellery shop at Nottingham city, which resulted in the death of a jeweller. He was convicted by Nottingham Court for selling illegal drugs worth millions of pounds.”

Colonel Saeed Al Qemzi, Director at the Wanted Department at Dubai Police

Despite getting a chance to start a new life after serving 13 years in jail, the 38-year-old involved himself in drug and weapons-related trafficking crimes worth millions until Interpol recently issued a Red Notice against him.

Dubai Police catch arrest imprisonment Craig Martin drug trafficking in UAE for life clin gunn

Photograph credit: Dubai Police

Dubai Police catch Craig Martin using AI

Thanks to Artificial Intelligence technology, Dubai Police were able to identify and locate Martin’s whereabouts and track his movements while he resided in the city. A team of CID officers were deployed close to Martin’s location until he stepped out towards his car, and got busted.

Craig Martin jailed for life

Dubai Police handed Martin over to British authorities after Interpol’s Red Notice, following a verdict that the 38-year-old drug trafficker will be sentenced to imprisonment to life, with UK authorities calling him a threat to British society.

“The British authorities thanked Dubai Police General Command for the rapid arrest of the Colin Gunn gang leader and for the professionalism and co-ordination with Interpol and noted that the suspect is considered dangerous who threatens the security of the British society.”

Dubai Police
UAE Ramadan Prisoners 3,500

Photograph credit: PxFuel


(Featured photograph credit: Viraj Asher/Desi Scene Dubai)

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