UAE’s Hope Probe Mission To Mars Scheduled To Launch On 15th July

Mark your calendar on Wednesday, 15th July because the UAE is set to launch the highly-anticipated Hope Probe into space from Tanegashima island in Japan.

Arab world’s first interplanetary mission

We’ve seen Hazza Al Mansouri create history last September becoming the first Arab astronaut to launch into space, completing an eight-day mission at the International Space Station. This year, the UAE is taking the Arab World into the space race by launching the Hope Probe on Wednesday, 15th July, with the primary team arrived in Tanegashima and the fuel tank filled up.

UAE Hope probe Mars Space race Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Take off Japan July 15th

Photograph credit: WAM

Hope Probe to answer key questions about Mars

There’s a line-up of objectives for the Hope Probe to achieve, from understanding Mars’ climate dynamics to examining weather changes that impact the escape of Hydrogen and Oxygen and lastly, understanding the structure and variability of Hydrogen and Oxygen in the upper atmosphere.

Majority of the objectives go in line with The Mars Exploration Program Advisory Group (MEPAG)’s primary goals in an attempt to understand the Martian planet.

“The Hope Probe embodies the culture of possibilities deeply rooted in the UAE’s approach, philosophy and journey of accelerating development since the foundation. Our journey to space represents a message of hope to every Arab citizen that we have the innovation, resilience and efforts to compete with the greatest of nations in the race for knowledge.”

HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Ruler of Dubai, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE

For more information, head to Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Research Centre’s official website.


(Featured photograph credit: Emirates News Agency/WAM

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