Latest ‘Hitman 3’ Gameplay Trailer Features Dubai

Agent 47 looks ready for a new quest on an Arabian premise in the latest ‘Hitman 3’ gameplay trailer, featuring a futuristic depiction of Dubai.

‘Hitman’ gets a new edition

If you haven’t played any of the Hitman games, we’re here to brief you about it. As the title suggests, its lead character, Agent 47 is a contract killer who’s assigned with tasks to kill crime lords, corrupt officials and terrorists with the help of advice and intelligence through a notorious agency, as well as super-rich organizations. Simply put, he isn’t your innocent civilian.

Since Hitman’s inception in 2000, the stealth video game garnered a reputation for its dark-genre storyline. One of the most famous editions, ‘Hitman: Codename 47’ won the ‘Best PC Game” accolade by the BAFTA Interactive Entertainment Awards, followed by ‘Hitman: Absolution’ bagging the ‘Best Overall Game’ at the Gamespot Gaming Awards, and a slew of top-tier awards that follow.

Hitman 3 gameplay trailer features Dubai Playstation 5 ps5

Photograph credit: PlayStation

Recently, at the PlayStation 5 reveal, Sony announced ‘Hitman 3’ as one of the hallmark games coming to the upcoming console next year. The game features Agent 47 returning as a “ruthless professional assassin” on a mission in our very own city, Dubai

Hitman 3 is touted to be the final edition of the World of Assassination trilogy. It will also release on PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC.

Dubai featured on ‘Hitman 3’ gameplay trailer

Reuniting with his Agency handler, Diana Burnwood and his old friend, Lucas Grey, the trailer shows an ultra-modern version Dubai with Agent 47 making his way into a skyscraper in the midst of a lavish party. Without dropping many hints, PlayStation says the final edition will take gamers “around the world to exotic and luxurious locations that are packed with creative opportunities.”

“Hitman 3 will take you around the world to exotic and luxurious locations that are packed with creative opportunities. Your ultimate goal is to explore these meticulously crafted locales and figure out exactly how you want to eliminate your targets. You’ll have complete freedom to take disguises, create “accidents,” interact with other characters and blend into the crowd to watch your master plan unfold – or gloriously fail. That’s also part of the charm!”


On the other side, it’s worth mentioning it’s high time Dubai gets featured on a game. Of late, we’ve seen the ‘Circuit of the Emirates’ on Forza Motorsport 7, showcasing famous landmarks throughout the UAE, such as Jebel Hafeet, Dubai International Airport (DXB) and the Sheikh Zayed Road skyline. Check out this infamous editorial published on VICE discussing why our emirate is the ultimate city for the next Grand Theft Auto (GTA) game.

(Featured photograph credit: PlayStation)

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