The UAE Issues Advisory For Citizens In The US Amid George Floyd Protests

After protests snowballing across the US after the death of George Floyd, the UAE’s embassies in New York City, Los Angeles and Houston are warning citizens to stay away from demonstrations.

Chaos in the US after George Floyd’s death

Unless you’re in the know, George Floyd, a 46-year-old African American, was killed by a white cop from the Minneapolis Police for using a fake $20 note at a restaurant. The policeman, Derek Michael Chauvin, pressed his knee on Floyd’s neck for more than eight minutes while the 46-year-old complained he couldn’t breathe. Unable to respond anymore, Floyd passed away while the incident was recorded on nearby CCTV cameras and people shot the incident on their smart-phones.

Violent protests took over the US following Floyd’s death, and the policemen involved at the scene were fired immediately. Demonstrations gathered steam of late with protests and mass gatherings taking place in top-tier cities like Los Angeles, New York City, Boston and Dallas. A result of the chaos led to looting stores and vandalising shops.

UAE Embassies in the US issue advisory for Emiratis 

While the number of protests are increasing across the US, the UAE’s embassies issued in New York, Los Angeles and Houston issued advisories for citizens to keep away from the events. They also have released a number in case of emergency, 6466302575.

(Featured photograph credit: Pixabay)

2 thoughts on “The UAE Issues Advisory For Citizens In The US Amid George Floyd Protests

  1. “Violent protests erupted by the African-American community” is not a correct statement. Most of the violence and looting have been perpetrated by white people and police. Please do your research. Black people filmed many white people instigating violence and looting.
    Please change your statement.


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