Here’s How Abu Dhabi Police Supported 6 Kids For 17 Days While Their Parents Recovered From Coronavirus

Six children’s lives were in turmoil after their parents tested positive for Coronavirus, forcing them to leave home, until Abu Dhabi Police came to the rescue taking care of their basic needs and education.

Children separated by their parents due to Coronavirus

From the eldest aged 13 and the youngest just two years old, the children were left alone after their parents had to leave home after testing positive for Coronavirus. There was no one to take care of them until Abu Dhabi Police were alerted about the situation.

Abu Dhabi Police children parents coronavirus Asma Al Jasmi

Photograph credit: Pixabay

Abu Dhabi Police volunteer takes responsibility for the children while parents make recovery

Times like these truly unravel the superheroes in our community, and Asma Al Jasmi, Civilian Administrative Staff at Abu Dhabi Police, responded to the crisis by calling the family via phone and dispatched a police car under their building round the clock for their security.

While it wasn’t easy to meet them at their house given the Coronavirus situation, Al Jasmi kept coordinating with the kids via phone, arranging them three meals daily through a nearby restaurant and a coop available for help.

As if basic needs weren’t enough, Abu Dhabi Police even offered the children iPads and internet connection to start e-learning!

“Don’t worry, you are in Zayed’s country”

Every afternoon, the mother would her children to check on them, only to hear endless stories in praise of Asma’s efforts. To which, Asma says “Don’t worry, you are in Zayed’s country,” remembering the UAE’s founding father, His Highness Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan.

“I and my family don’t know how will we pay back to this country; we were treated like citizens, not residents.”

The mother

(Featured photograph credit: WAM)

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