Sheikh Mohammed Shares Inspiring Story Of Emirati Nurse Hamda Ali Al-Doubi

Every day presents new challenges for frontline workers like Hamda Ali Al-Doubi, and Sheikh Mohammed is among the first to thank the Emirati nurse, sharing an inspiring video of her story.

Sheikh Mohammed in praise of Emirati nurse Hamda Ali Al-Doubi

There’s no ‘thank you’ big enough for doctors, nurses, medical and healthcare workers working relentlessly to cure patients in the wake of Coronavirus. At times like these, we can only express our gratitude for their heroic services.

Hamda Ali Al-Doubi, an Emirati nurse graduated from Abu Dhabi’s Fatima College of Health Sciences, has been on the forefront of healthcare in the UAE as one of the frontline fighters from the Ministry of Health and Prevention (MOHAP). Vice President His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum shared an inspirational video Hamda’s family, with her mother and brother proud of her efforts. The VP too, was in full praise of Hamda calling her a “hero.”

Hamda “a source of pride”

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Health and Prevention calls her a “role model” in humanitarian duty, and say “her smile is a source of optimism and her work is a source of pride for her family and is highly appreciated by the country’s leadership and people.”

Sheikh Mohammed: Healthcare workers “the most wonderful examples of sacrifice”

Recently, select medical workers were hosted by Sheikh Mohammed, appreciating their efforts in the midst of turbulent times by Coronavirus. He says:

“Today, you are setting the most wonderful examples of sacrifice, and everyone will learn from you about the meanings of giving, humanity and responsibility. We commend every second of the efforts and energies that you dedicate to the safety of citizens and residents, as well as your awareness of the dangers that you are facing every day to ensure our safety and the protection of our country.”

HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum



(Featured photograph credit: Piqsels)

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