Meet The Vlogger Who Received Recognition By Dubai Police For Creating Quarantine Awareness

No matter how hard times get, there will always be people in your corner that are willing to help when they can, and that’s the story of Yeshwant Sripathy, who’s been on a role helping create awareness about quarantine measures enforced by Dubai Police and concerned authorities.

It wasn’t until last week when Dubai Police responded to one of his videos and called him in appreciation of his efforts. We interviewed the vlogger about his works and the special moment he received a mail by a policeman.

Hi Yeshwant! First off, tell us about your YouTube channel and about your content

I started my channel as a travel vlogger in the UAE and covered most of the places, and also started doing music mix since I was a DJ, followed by movie reviews.

How long have you been living in the UAE and since when have you been covering news about the UAE?

I have been in the UAE since 2008. Since the start of COVID 19, I started creating news updates to spread awareness and keep viewers posted about daily news as a lot of people don’t read the news as much but like to watch YouTube [for] quick news.

Tell us about the moment when Dubai Police replied to your tweet and your initial reactions

Well that was hilarious… Initially, a message popped up in my email seeking a call back stating it was from Dubai Police and it shook me thinking what did I do? I spoke about it with my wife and she said it could be a scam and not to call back. Then we started to search the name of the person who had emailed me. Thanks to social media, we located him and realised it was genuine, and then I replied back with my phone number.

We noticed Dubai Police requested for your contact details. Will you be receiving a reward?

Regarding the tweet.. as I was trying to search about Dubai Police on Twitter and saw my video being appreciated.. oh my God.. I was surprised and felt so happy and was thinking if it really happened. At that time, it was unbelievable as my intention was always to spread awareness and being recognised for that and that too from Dubai Police is like a blessing that motivated me to a different level.

Lastly, what’s the roadmap ahead for your YouTube channel?

I’m always looking for an opportunity to travel, see new places and share my views and details of that place. I plan to continue and expand my ideas through videos that can be useful to any of my viewers. Also, till this pandemic goes on, I will continue sharing awareness to ensure everyone contributes in fighting this virus.

Follow Yeshwant’s YouTube channel through this link.

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