Sonu Nigam Self Quarantines In Dubai And Will Perform An Online Concert For “Janta Curfew”

While the world scrambles to contain Coronavirus, singer Sonu Nigam says he’s keeping himself in quarantine in Dubai and will perform a free concert online in support of “Janta Curfew”

Sonu Nigam self-quarantines in Dubai

Fears over the rapidly spreading Coronavirus is impacting countries to make drastic immigration announcements, from tourists, residents and citizens. India too, is taking precautions by implementing a 14-day quarantine for incoming passengers. Sonu Nigam opted to rather quarantine himself in Dubai instead of taking the flight back home. He says:

“I was in the Himalayas till March 5th and then my Mumbai concert got postponed, so I decided to join my family in Dubai until March 17. I’ll have to wait now until things become normal. Don’t wanna be stuck in quarantine and burden the already burdened authorities.”

Sonu Nigam

Free concert online during “Janta Curfew”

In a bid to entertain Indians staying at home in line with the 14-hour-long “Janta Curfew,” the soloist says he’s performing live tomorrow at 8 pm Indian Standard Time, which means 6:30 pm in the UAE. He calls upon Indians to stay at home or by the balconies during the quarantine initiative.

“I will do a live concert for all you people at 8 pm (IST) from Dubai. I will go to a studio and do a live concert not just Indians but all the people worldwide. Please watch it, it’s a free concert. Bye. Lots of love and Jai Hind.”

Sonu Nigam

(Featured photograph credit: Sonu Nigam)

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