Donald Trump Mocked For Mispronouncing Sachin Tendulkar During India Tour

US President fluffed his lines at the Motera Stadium inauguration when he mispronounced Sachin Tendulkar’s name as ‘Soochin,’ sending social media to a frenzy.

Donald Trump mispronounces Sachin Tendulkar’s name

It’s a funny time to mangle words and names, at least on the internet. From Mr Succ to Umar Akmal, Donald Trump joins the meme-material line-up after mispronouncing cricketing icon Sachin Tendulkar’s name as ‘Soochin Tendul Kerr,’ setting social media ablaze with fans mocking his speech claiming he’s “scraping the barrel” and “tantamount to treason” in the country. The International Cricket Council (ICC) joined the fun too with a hilarious video.

As if mispronouncing Tendulkar’s name wasn’t enough, his speech followed by mentioning Virat Kohli as “Veerot Col Hee”.

Trump in praise of export market and Bollywood

Meanwhile, thousands of Indians descended upon the Motera Stadium to watch Donald Trump inaugurate the ground and deliver a speech about US-India relations. The President talked about the nation is a major market for American exports, the record-breaking Statue of Unity and obviously, Bollywood. He gave a brief shoutout to classics like Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jaayenge and Sholay.

Taj Mahal visit

Apart from the Motera Stadium, Donald and Ivanka Trump headed for the Taj Maha, finding it “incredible.” Nitin Kumar Singh from the Ministry of Tourism claims the duo have promised to visit once again.

Fun Fact, Donald Trump owns a casino in the New Jersey named over the historic landmark.

(Featured photograph credit: The White House)

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