AED546 Million Worth Of Fines Waived Off by Dubai Police Through Discount Scheme

Latest statistics by Dubai Police’s year-long fine discount scheme saw motorists save a whooping AED 546 million worth of speeding and traffic tickets being waived off.

Dubai Police discount scheme

Unless you’re in the know, Dubai Police rolled out an initiative to offer motorists discounts on fines as long as they don’t commit a violation for a minimum period of three months, which could eventually be waived off after a year.

For instance, a motorist with a speeding ticket worth of AED 620 would get a 25% discount by not getting another fine for three months, 50% discount for six months, 75% for nine months, and the violation getting waived off after 12 months.

Photograph credit: Pixabay

AED546 million worth of fines waived off

A year after its completion, Dubai Police claims the “Traffic Fines Settlement” initiative saw a staggering AED 546,970,930 waived off through speeding and traffic fines. What’s more, it’s reduced fatal traffic accidents by 16% and a 38% drop on severe injuries on roads. 114,769 of the motorists were men, and 444,661 were women.

Discount scheme extended for another year

If you’ve recently got a ticket, here’s some great news. The “Traffic Fines Settlement” Initiative is going on for another year, in a bid to maintain road safety, reach social-humanitarian goals and most importantly, to reduce financial burdens on motorists.

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