India Responds To Debbie Abrahams’ Deportation Sending Her Back ‘Badi Izzat Se’

Following the deportation of UK’s controversial Member of Parliament Debbie Abrahams after arriving in New Delhi with an e-visa, India’s Ministry of External Affairs responded to the matter claiming they sent her back ‘badi izzat se.’

Debbie Abrahams a campaigner for Kashmir

A British Labour Party politician and the chair of a parliamentary group for Kashmir, Debbie Abrahams has often been vocal about the state’s rights and ongoing conflicts which have been viewed as against India, notably about human rights violations, legalities of the dispute and misuse of power. She was a speaker at the International Conference on Jammu and Kashmir in the British Parliament last year.

Deportation from New Delhi airport

Last Monday, 17th February, Debbie Abrahams arrived at the Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi at 9 am and was stopped at the immigration despite having an e-visa valid until October 2020. She was sentenced to deportation and was flown to Dubai.

Within two days, Abrahams flew to Pakistan. She was received by Prime Minister Imran Khan and claimed she’s allowed to meet whoever she wishes too, challenging India’s diplomacy.

India’s Ministry of External Affairs claim she was sent ‘badi izzat se’

Addressing the issue at a news conference, the Ministry of External Affairs say Abrahams was sent back to Dubai ‘badi izzat se’ (with respect) and that she held “anti-India sentiments” with a “sustained campaign” against the nation.

“Debbie Abrahams didn’t have a valid visa so she was very respectfully asked to leave. We sent her back ‘badi izzat se.”

MEA spokesperson Raveesh Kumar

(Featured photograph credit: Debbie Abrahams)

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