Jetman Dubai Launches A Fully Autonomous Flight Flying At 400 Km/h

One of the most adrenaline-filled companies in the world, Jetman Dubai debuted its first-ever fully autonomous flight soaring over the JBR sky at 400 km/h.

Jetman Dubai launches fully autonomous flight

Until now, a Jetman pilot could only soar over the skies after heli-dropping. This time, pilot Vince Reffet took off from the Skydive Dubai runway and peaked at 1,800 metres, following a three-minute flight taking over the Dubai skyline. Reffet could hover, change directions, perform loops and fly at 400 km/h, similar to what Tony Stark did with the Iron Man suit in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Via Giphy

It’s the first time a Jetman pilot could combine hovering safely at a limited altitude and flying aerobatics at high altitude in the same flight. Check it out:

“We are so happy we achieved this incredible flight. It’s the result of extremely thorough teamwork, where each small step generated huge results. Everything was planned to the split second, and I was overjoyed by the progress that was achieved. It is another step in a long-term project. One of the next objectives is to land back on the ground after a flight at altitude, without needing to open a parachute. It’s being worked on.”

Vince Reffet

Check out the moment when the mastermind behind Jetman technology, Yves Rossy fly over mountains and valleys in Norway.

(Featured photograph credit: Jetman)

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