The UAE Confirms First Indian Expatriate Diagnosed With Coronavirus

An Indian expatriate has been sickened by the Coronavirus outbreak, marking the eighth case recorded by the UAE’s Ministry of Health and Prevention.

Indian diagnosed with Coronavirus after interacting with former victim

The Ministry of Health and Prevention claims the expatriate fell ill after “interacting” with a “recently diagnosed person,” confirming the eight case of Coronavirus in the UAE. They’re yet to announce the symptoms and how the patient is being treated, however.

The UAE among first five countries to be fully stocked up with equipment to detect Coronavirus

If there’s one thing UAE citizens and residents can be assured, it’s about the safety precautions the country is taking to reduce the risk of the Coronavirus outbreak.

The Ministry of Health and Prevention announced it’s among the first five nations “that stocked up sufficient quantities of materials required for state-of-the-art checkups to detect the Coronavirus.”

The UAE is also closely communicating with the World Health Organization (WHO) on the latest developments of the illness.

”More than 500 staff members work round the clock on communication, medical investigations and logistical support related to combatting the virus.”

Abdul Rahman bin Mohammad Al Owais, Minister of Health and Prevention

(Featured photograph credit: Pixabay)

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