Gotcha! Mumbai Police Pull A Hilarious Prank on Motorists Honking At Red Signal

Making it through peak-hour traffic is quite a test of one’s patience, and Mumbai Police pulled an epic prank on motorists who honk while waiting at the traffic signal thinking it could switch to the green light.

Mumbai the most car-congested city in India

Statistics by the Maharashtra Transportation Department reveal Mumbai’s 2,000 km-long roads are congested with a whopping 510 cars per kilometre, surrounded with a plethora of city-wide issues related to motors, accidents, time spent in traffic and much more. Numbeo, a database website estimates every passenger produces a staggering 1,760.03kg of Carbon Dioxide and it would take up to 81 trees to produce enough oxygen to cover that.

Mumbai Dubai Traffic Police Video Viral Noise Pollution Prank
Photograph credit; Viraj Asher/Desi Scene Dubai

700 new cars on Mumbai’s roads daily

There’s no stopping to Mumbai’s automotive industry, with 700 two-wheeler and four-wheelers being registered every day (as of 2017), meaning 255,000 new cars take over the roads every year.

Via Giphy

Mumbai Police trick motorists to increase traffic signal time

Meanwhile, Mumbai Police is doing its best to reduce the problems surrounding traffic one step at a time, starting with noise pollution. In a bid to reduce decibel levels on the roads, here’s a video they released pranking motorists by increasing the waiting duration for every time drivers honk exceeding the 85-decibel limit.

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