UAE Employer’s Email Sparks Outrage Asking Job Seeker To Join CAA Protests

A job seeker shared a screenshot of an email by a UAE-based employer suggesting him to joining the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) protests in India on social media, sparking outrage among hundreds of users.

Rage over employer’s email

23-year-old Abdulla S.S applied for a mechanical engineer role at a company based in the UAE, to which, employer Jayant Gokhale, replied questioning him about applying for the position, while he could rather “sit in Shaheen Bagh for protest,” offering people “Rs 1,000” (Dhs 60), as well as “free food,” “unlimited amount of tea” and “sweets.”

UAE Employer Email Rage CAA protests
Photograph credit: Gulf News

Unless you’re in the know, Shaheen Bagh is the prime location for protesting against the CAA bill.

Employer responds to the rage

With hundreds of social media users angered by Gokhale’s email, he responded to the chaos saying:

“Someone has fabricated a disrespectful message using my name aiming to disturb communal harmony. I would like to state that the message is completely fake and fabricated. I have never commented or mailed or posted to anyone on religion or politics which could hurt religious sentiments. I have filed a police complaint in this regard.”

Jayant Gokhale

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