UAE Expatriate Family From Kerala Pass Away In Nepal During Vacation

A UAE-based family of four from Kerala tragically passed away during their vacation in Nepal to celebrate their childrens’ birthdays.

Family vacation in Nepal

Krishnan Nair, the father of the family worked and lived in Dubai as an engineer while his family, who formerly lived in the emirate, moved to their home town, Kochi. The 39-year-old flew to his hometown to take his wife, Saranya and their three children, Sreebhadra, Aarcha and Abhi Nair for a vacation to Nepal to celebrate his tenth anniversary and his kids’ birthdays, alongside a group of family friends.

Family passes away due to asphyxiation

Following their vacation, the group stopped by a hotel for a night in Daman, in Nepal’s Makwanpur district, before flying back to India. It was situated at an altitude of 2,500 metres above sea level with cold temperatures around, prompting them to turn the gas heater on. However, there was a suspected gas leak in the machine making the family unconscious, leading to their death due to asphyxiation.

Three more family friends, who stayed in the same room, passed away.

Indian Embassy in Nepal bringing the bodies back to Kochi

The Indian Embassy in Nepal shared the condolences and said they’re in touch with Krishnan’s family and friends in Kochi. They’re also assisting in bringing their bodies back to the UAE expatriate’s hometown.

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