Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is Investing $1 Billion In India

Following a landmark visit by Jeff Bezos in India, the Amazon CEO is investing a whopping ($1 Billion) in the country and introducing a new electrical rickshaw fleet.

Amazon investing $1 billion in India

Hundreds of small-business owners welcomed Bezos at a summit in New Delhi, where he revealed the $1 billion investment plan in a bid to digitize the economy and build what he predicts the 21st century as the “Indian Century.” He says:

“Over the next five years, Amazon will invest an incremental $1 billion to digitize micro and small businesses in cities, towns, and villages across India, helping them reach more customers than ever before”

Jeff Bezos, Amazon CEO

Jeff Bezos rolls in an all-new electric rickshaw

Alongside the investment, the Amazon CEO revealed developing a fleet of 10,000 auto rickshaws to manage deliveries and logistics throughout the country. The best part, all the vehicles are going to be electric. The initiative is happening in line with the e-commerce giant’s pledge to run its operations on 100% renewable energy by the end of this decade.

India Government ignores Jeff Bezos’ trip

While there’s been a great deal of hype surrounding Jeff Bezos’ trip, the CEO was unattended by Government officials and Ministers, which is probably due to his daily newspaper, The Washington Post’s coverage of the nationwide protests over the last two months. 

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