Dubai Is About To Get The World’s Tallest Hotel By 2023

As if claiming a world record twice isn’t enough, Dubai is breaking its own record for the world’s tallest hotel again, with the development of the Ciel Tower.

World’s tallest hotel in Dubai Marina

Situated next to the Infinity Tower in Dubai Marina, the Ciel Tower is set to be stand 360 metres above sea level, home to 1,042 rooms across 82 floors, world class dining options, spas, lounges and a plethora of luxurious facilities. The best part, the skyscraper will play host to a glass observation deck offering panoramic views of Palm Jumeirah, Burj Al Arab and JBR’s sprawling skyline. Check it out:

Gevora Hotel claims the world record right now

Two years ago, the Gevora Hotel opened its doors as the world’s tallest hotel soaring the skies at 356 metres, beating JW Marriott Marquis’ five-year record by hardly a metre. However, the reputation will be short-lived once the Ciel Tower completes construction.

Photograph credit: Gevora Hotel

Huge appetite for tall hotels in Dubai

It’s fair to say Dubai is a hub for skyscrapers, particularly for hotels. Starting with the iconic Burj Al Arab standing at 321 metres, the trend followed by Rose Rayhaan by Rotana built at 333 metres, until the groundbreaking JW Marriott Marquis hotel was built in 2013 at 355 metres, followed by Gevora.

Learn more about the Ciel Tower here.

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